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Art vs. Philosophy

“Art tries, literally, to picture the things which philosophy tries to put into carefully thought-out words.”

-Hans Rookmaaker, quoted in Nancy Pearcey’s Saving Leonardo

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October 10, 2010   No Comments

How Art is Like Plumbing

“Art should not be compared with preaching. The best work of art would still be bad preaching…But the best comparison is maybe with the plumbing. While we find it to be totally indispensable in our homes, yet we are rarely aware of it.

Likewise art fulfills an important function in our lives, in creating the atmosphere in which we live, in giving us the words to speak, in offering us the framework in which we can see and grasp things, say a landscape, even without our noticing it…So the mentality that speaks out in art is important. Its greatest influence is perhaps where it is most like plumbing, where we are not aware of it.”

-Hans Rookmaaker, Art Needs No Justification

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September 26, 2010   No Comments