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Cafe Hopping (1/14)

Weekly roundup of mostly-arts-related chatter around the web:

  • Physical Expressiveness and Performance: concert pianist Jonathan Biss gives his take on the often-volatile subject of gestures/physical expression while performing.
  • Your brain on improv: Musician/doctor Charles Limb gives a fascinating talk on how the brain works when playing memorized vs. improvised music. (It’s worth watching also to see an Asian doctor rap.)
  • The Cross and the Jukebox: I’m looking forward to Russell Moore’s new podcast, a weekly “conversation about a particular song or artist, and what it can tell us about our neighbors and their often simultaneous longing for and rebellion against the gospel.”
  • Calvin and Hobbes search engine: The entire collection, searchable by date and phrase. Now you can rediscover your old favorites, like this one.
  • This falls into the café category. I’m not a huge pastry person, but every now and then I can’t resist a butter sandwich croissant. This video is long, but at least watch through the first croissant making and then can skip to the end to see the delicious end products (via Kottke):



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